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Tongan Nassarius

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Larger than Nassarius vibex, the Tongan Nassarius is useful when larger pieces of uneaten food are left behind in the aquarium.

    Excellent sand stirrer and scavenger. These snails will pop out of the sand when they smell food, or when you are feeding fish. Tongan nassarius are larger than our popular Nassarius vibex, and as such are better suited for tanks that are fed larger meaty pieces of seafood, rather than multiple pieces of smaller foods, which Nassarius vibex is more effective at removing if kept in larger numbers, but at the same relative bio-load. We carry both species of Tongan Nassarius snail available to the hobby. Nassarius distortus, and Nassarius gaudiosus (second picture). Both grow to about 3/5 of an inch tall and 1 inch in length.


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