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Random Zoanthids 30+

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Zoas, as they are known in the hobby are popular among aquarists because of their bright colors.

Although known as soft "corals" in the hobby, zoanthids or "zoas" are not true corals. They do not require calcium to survive and they don't mind if the water isn't particularly pristine. Still, your tank should be stable and mature before you decide to purchase them. They do best with a little bit of iodine in the water, and will grow in a nice looking tight mat if you keep a good amount of flow on them. Otherwise they will spread out a bit as they grow.

The pictures you see are representative of some of the zoas we have had, but we have lots of morphs. It is not representative of the morph you will receive, yours will be picked randomly. This item is for a larger frag of over 30 polyps. Bright 20k lighting will have them looking their best, but other setups will work too. Keeping your iodide levels adequate with regular water changes and some dosing will help keep your zoas healthy. If later on they should become stressed for days, we recommend using a mild dip, like Coral Rx, or Coral Revive to get them back in shape.

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